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Wenban Funeral Home has been designing and selling grave markers and monuments since the mid 1980’s.  The current owner of the funeral home, Ted Larkowski, started this extension of the business after a need had arisen and a realization that the families they serve could benefit from this service.

When choosing a monument or marker to commemorate a life lived or to simply mark a grave there are three main elements to be considered:

  1. The overall style/size/design of the marker – many times the location of the grave within the cemetery will dictate the size and style of marker to be used, for example, many times the cemetery will only allow a grave marker that is flush with the ground and 24” x 12” in size or the cemetery may allow you to have an upright monument but because of the number of graves you own it can only be 4 feet wide at the base.
  2. The type and color of medium used – Most cemeteries today allow only two types of material to be used as monuments and markers.  These two materials are Granite and Bronze – both of these materials have almost negligible porosity/permeability, very high thermal stability and a very low co-efficient of expansion.  All of the properties lending themselves to long term outdoor use.  Once the material has been chosen, for example granite, then the color of granite must be considered as well.  Granite colors range from grays, pinks, reds, browns, blacks and even green & blue.  To see samples of these granite colors please contact us.
  3. The lettering to be placed on the marker – When choosing the lettering you not only need to choose what you want it to say but also the style of lettering used.  With the technology used in this industry today you can use almost any style of lettering that you can find on any home computer.  Another option is to attach bronze letters to a granite monument for a look that will differentiate.

In addition to designing and selling new grave markers and monuments, we can also assist with any additional engraving that may need to be added to an existing marker.

For further information or to talk with someone about creating/ordering a marker or monument please contact us at (847) 234-0022.